What’s Ado About ‘Much Ado’

Joss Whedon at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego.

Joss Whedon at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the successful filming of Avengers, Director Joss Whedon decided to turn his attention to Shakespeare for a couple of weeks, quite literally?

His adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing took a mere 12 days to complete in Santa Monica, reveals Bellwether Films, the company Whedon and his wife Kai Cole designed.

The director chose several of his closest friends to help him make the movie, something of which is unprecedented. Alex Denisof and Amy Acker are teaming up once again (Buffy the Vampire Slayer series) as Benedict and Beatrice, Firefly hero Nathan Fillion plays Dogberry and Clark Gregg plays Leonato. Fran Kranz, Tom Lenk, Sean Maher and Jillian Morgese also have roles.

Whedon, who directed the Avengers, is best known for his series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. No one was expecting a Shakespeare classic to come from the famous director, especially in such a short amount of time

The play combines tragedy with comedy and walks the fine line of humor and sadness. Whedon, with years of experience, uses his personal relationships with his friends to ensure that this movie is one that will stand the test of time.

Kenneth Branagh, a good friend of Whedon, also made an adaptation of the same Shakespearean play in 1993 and received some excellent tips from the famous actor and director. Even though this “home movie” by Whedon was shot in such a short amount of time, critics are calling it one of the best-filmed Shakespeare comedies ever.

We’ll be looking for this in theaters ourselves here at Blair Stover Films. Will you be seeking out this rendition, or is Shakespeare not your thing?

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