Trouble With The Curve Movie Review

‘Trouble With The Curve’ is a touching drama starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams. The film focuses on the estranged relationship between a lawyer, Mickey, and her aging baseball scout father, Gus.  ‘Trouble With The Curve’ is the directorial debut for Robert Lorenz, who has worked under Clint Eastwood as an assistant director and a producer for many years.

Eastwood plays an aging Atlanta Braves scout who is known for spotting talent early and moving them up through the baseball ranks. He scouts his players based on word of mouth, small-town newspapers, and by using his gut, ears, and eyes. A technology-using scout, Matthew Lillard, is working hard to squeeze Eastwood out. While Eastwood proves his gut is still effective, he wears a hearing aid to help his ears and his eyes in worse shape than he’s admitting to anyone.

With some advice from Eastwood’s front-office friend, John Goodman, Adams follows her dad down to North Carolina, where he got word to keep his eye on an up-and-coming slugger. During this trip, the film shows the scouts spending long days at the field and nights sharing stories at local bars. It shows the glamorous scouting life of eating diner food and staying at cheap hotels.

During that trip is when Eastwood and Adams face the drama in their relationship of lost opportunities and parental regret. Under Adams’ hard front is an insecure, hurt girl and behind Eastwood’s grunts is an emotional father. Eastwood realizes his past mistakes and finally begins to take pride in the accomplished, independent woman Adams has become.

Blair Stover believes this is a film that many people can relate to on different levels. It’s a quality movie and it makes for a great date night.

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