Tips for Creating Short Films

Short films can be a fun way to experiment and a great way to gain experience. Be creative but make sure to hit all the major beats of a film.

Blair Stover has put together a list of tips to help you create short films.

  1.  Choose a popular genre- The best genres to film are horror, comedy, and musicals- all genres that provoke an emotional response from the audience.
  2. Keep it short- A shorter running film has a greater chance of getting into film festivals. Two to five minutes is preferred, ten minutes at the very most.
  3. Imagery is key- When shooting your film, limit the number of shots and special effects. Focus your energy on fewer shots to make them more impressive.
  4. Make sure you’re remembered- Make the audience laugh out loud or jump out of their seats. Do something to make them remember you the next day.
  5. Write, don’t act- Do not act in your own film, find other people to do the acting for you. Only cast friends or significant others if they are absolutely right for the part.
  6. It’s ok to make a niche film- You can pick what audience that you want to serve. Explore your own interests and cultural background. This may be the only time in your career where you aren’t restricted to certain rules.
  7. Keep it simple- Make sure your film contains a simple sequence of events with an immediate problem that evokes some kind of emotion from the audience.

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