Thor 2: The Dark World Review

Thor: God of Thunder

Thor: God of Thunder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Synopsis: After Thor and the Avengers, the God of Thunder (Chris Hemmsworth) fights alongside his brothers in arms to restore order in the nine worlds of Yagdrasil. However, the ancient race of dark elves, led by the vengeful Malekith (), returns to plunge the universe into darkness again thanks to the great power emanating from the Ether. Blair Stover has more on the blockbuster hit below.

Thor faces an enemy that even Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Asgard can’t cope with and he must embark on his most dangerous adventure yet. On this trip, not only will Thor have to content with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) playing host to a dark force but also shoulder the fate of Asgard and the Nine Realms, all while dealing with his dangerous and brooding brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

The first adventure of the God of Thunder was one of the weakest films in the Phase 1 of Marvel Studios history, perhaps with Iron Man 2. Not that it was bad, but many fans agree that, overall, the story was rather bland. There was an intermediate part of the action and adventure that was absent but you can expect that the second film about the Norse god has taken a shift for the better.

On the set: There were several issues between Marvel and director Alan Taylor, mainly the discussion to erase the threat of debt securities, but eventually the television producer complied well with his role. Apparently they had to resort to asking Joss Whedon to rewrite two scenes and Taylor managed to condense everything well. Providing agility to the narrative without leaving anything behind was truly outstanding. With special effects and fighting abundant fighting scenes, the movie brought in some freshness, especially in certain sequences in the final scenes.

If you’ve seen Thor 2 tell us, were you a fan?

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