The Wolverine

Many people are underrating Hugh Jackman’s newest installment of the comic book world: The Wolverine. As Blair Stover describes below, there are many things that people are missing or just ignoring in the new movie.

Hugh Jackman played as Wolverine in the 2009 f...

Hugh Jackman played as Wolverine in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The indestructible, never-aging Logan seems to be doing just fine as the movie opened up with a $55 million weekend – even though the 2009 Wolverine: Origins debuted at $85 million. With a number of other blockbusters crowding the market, some were calling this film better than Superman and Iron Man. Guess what, they were right and here are some reasons as to why:

  1. The film is never “too” serious. There are times where Logan seems weak then as strong as a lumberjack. Other times you will seem over stimulated with action and then find yourself in a Japanese “love hotel.”
  2. Fight sequences never overdo it. Sometimes movies just go crazy on the special effects and this movie has the right amount of everything (especially during the train scene).
  3. The global appeal. Some movies will never make it out of their market. This one is being seen all over the world and with generally positive reception.
  4. Wolverine slices and dices, but he is more than that. Wolverine is the ultimate hero and he has shown that in his previous six movies. Other superheroes have shown their vulnerability but Logan has repeatedly shown that he can take whatever is dished out. Who can disprove this fact? No one.
  5. The classic lines. Anyone who follows Wolverine knows that the character has some great one-liners and this film doesn’t let down.
  6. Think this is a continuation of 2009’s Origin’s?  Think again. This is a whole new chapter in the Wolverine saga. So go see it.


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