‘The Flat’ Film Review

“The Flat” is a documentary that shows a family searching for the truth in modern-day Israel. Grandma Gerda passed away at the age of 98 and soon after, her family began the chore of cleaning out her apartment. The place was clustered with gloves, bags, shoes, and books.

The most interesting item that they found in the apartment was a newspaper clipping about a Nazi in Palestine. Grandma Gerda’s grandson Arnon Goldfinger, who is also the film’s director, found this most intriguing.

Goldfinger’s German grandparents had escaped the Holocaust by immigrating to Palestine. During this time, they were close friends with a high official in the S.S. and his wife and surprisingly, this friendship continued after World War II. This S.S. official was associated with Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and was the predecessor to Adolf Eichmann.

Through interviews with his mother, family friends, experts and the daughter of Leopold von Mildenstein, the Nazi in question, Goldfinger starts to find clues about how the relationship happened. These interviews show startling revelations, guilt, and many people who are in denial.

This film proves to be more of a thrilling mystery than a documentary. Blair Stover hopes that this documentary will inspire someone to dramatize this amazing story.

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