Taken 2 Movie Review

In the 2009 hit “Taken”, Liam Neeson played a retired CIA operative, Bryan, whose daughter is taken by Albanian sex traders, forcing Neeson to track them down and take them out in order to save his daughter. “Taken 2” begins with the funeral of those men that Neeson killed in the first film. The funeral is filled with a bunch of Albanians that want revenge on Neeson for killing and torturing their relatives.

Neeson takes a trip to Istanbul with his daughter and estranged wife and it isn’t long before his daughter is taken by the Albanian’s. At different points throughout the film, Neeson and his estranged wife are also taken, but the killers never manage to hold on to all three at the same time.

While Neeson and his wife are captured, he has his daughter toss grenades all over the city so he can use the sounds to help direct her to where they’re being held. No one seems to think twice about the white girl running across rooftops, throwing grenades all over the city.

The action scenes in this movie are pretty ridiculous. Neeson isn’t the young-buck that he used to be and it shows during the action scenes. The major car chase scene in the film is even more ridiculous than Neeson’s action shots. His daughter, who has failed her driving test three times, takes the wheel of a manual vehicle during a high-speed chase through the narrow streets of Istanbul as Neeson is telling her to ignore the scattering pedestrians.

In the debut weekend of “Taken 2,” the film brought in over $50 million, almost doubling the debut weekend of “Taken” which brought in $24.7 million.

Blair Stover suggests that you see this film but warns that “Taken 2” is not of the same quality as the first film, “Taken.”

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