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Thor 2: The Dark World Review

Synopsis: After Thor and the Avengers, the God of Thunder (Chris Hemmsworth) fights alongside his brothers in arms to restore order in the nine worlds of Yagdrasil. However, the ancient race of dark elves, led by the vengeful Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), returns to plunge the universe into darkness again thanks to the great power emanating […]

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Carrie Review

The 1970’s brought many horror hits, including Carrie (written by Stephen King) to the big screen. Starring Sissy Spacek and directed by Brian de Palma, the film immediately became a classic of terror, resulting in the creation of the sequel: Carrie 2. The amount of acclaim the two movies received tilted the box office in […]

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Elysium Review

In the dystopian future, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp throws Matt Damon into a chaotic world and Damon involuntarily becomes the possible savior of the world. Blair Stover has more on this blockbuster below. It’s the year 2154 and the world has turned into one gigantic dump. The gap between rich and poor has become […]

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World War Z Review

The next pandemic will come, as all experts have agreed. The only thing they cannot agree upon is when and what the pandemic will be. Maybe it won’t be as comparatively harmless as the bird flu or swine flu. Then again, German-Swiss director Marc Forster has placed a certain twist on things. His new movie […]

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Tips for Creating Short Films

Short films can be a fun way to experiment and a great way to gain experience. Be creative but make sure to hit all the major beats of a film. Blair Stover has put together a list of tips to help you create short films.  Choose a popular genre- The best genres to film are […]

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‘Playing for Keeps’ Film Review

‘Playing for Keeps’ is a light-hearted, romantic comedy that will make any woman fall in love with Gerard Butler. Butler’s character, George, was a Scottish soccer super-star in the 1990’s. He was living the dream with fame, fortune, and a loving wife and son. Fast forward to 2012 and all of these things are gone. […]

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Compliance Movie Review

Blair Stover breaks down the thriller called “Compliance” below. Picture one of the millions of fast-food restaurants in the U.S. It is a Friday afternoon and the big run is imminent. The business manager Sandra (played by Ann Dowd) is stressed out: Someone from the staff who worked the day before left the refrigerator door […]

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Lawless Movie Review

Imagine Franklin County, Virginia, in the early thirties: Prohibition is enforced and “bootlegging” is running rabid. Blair Stover breaks down this box office smash below. If you can illegally sell liquor, you can make good money. This is where the three legendary Bondurant brothers Howard (played by Jason Clarke), Forrest (played by Tom Hardy) and […]

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