Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto (Photo credit: Digitas Photos)

The layer of dust that the “Star Trek” franchise had accumulated over the years ended when JJ Abrams decided to bring it back with his first motion picture of Star Trek in 2009. It had done so well that Abrams decided to go back for more and this time it left nothing to chance.

As fans of the original series, we’re excited by the new film and have compiled a brief overlook (mostly spoiler free!) of the new movie here on Blair Stover Film Review.

Star Trek: Into  Darkness catapulted itself into blockbuster status as soon as it hit the big screen. The movie is in the guise of a monstrous-sized superhero epic, but kept the majority of the hardcore trekkers at bay with technological perfection.

It is an emotionally charged, highly modern terrorism drama and a tremendously fast-paced 3D sci-fi action film with bombastic show values.

English: Chris Pine poses for a photograph at ...

English: Chris Pine poses for a photograph at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait following a screening of Star Trek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The crew, headed by Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) violates the Prime Directive of the Federation: non-interference in the affairs of other cultures and species. This is one of the basis on which the movie is made.

Kirk’s mentor, played by Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood), deprives him of the command of the “Enterprise” and puts him back to the rank of first lieutenant. But the turmoil of a devastating terrorist attack, changes everything.

Spock (Zachary Quinto) is back as Kirk’s first officer and he finds himself in some tight situations throughout the movie. And Leonard Nimoy is back for his cameo appearance, but it is a smaller appearance than before. For those fans, which are waiting for a William Shatner appearance, you are going to have to wait a little longer as he isn’t in this Star Trek movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness is as modern and as enormous a crashing blockbuster as any movie can be. While some die-hard fans may take issue with some finer plot points, for more casual fans and those who love a great sci-fi film, this one is for you.




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