‘Skyfall’ Film Review

“Skyfall” adds a new layer of drama to the 50-year-old Bond franchise. Blair Stover has the film details below.

During an assignment to obtain a hard drive with information about field agents, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, goes missing. M, played by Judi Dench, writes the obituary for Bond assuming that he had died, and begins to struggle managing the MI6 branch. A dark secret from M’s past is revealed when there is an accident at headquarters. Although he’s been out of action for a while, Bond returns to London to help M uncover the mysteries of her past.

In this film, Daniel Craig proves that he is physically capable to play the role and possibly the most complex actor to play Bond. “Skyfall” shows Bond as more of a human than an invincible hero. This film gives us our first view into Bond’s past with information on his parents and childhood home. These prove to be obstacles for Bond in the “Skyfall” story.

Sam Mendes proves he is a technical genius of a director that ties together the rich characterization with the strong script. Mendes’ eye for cinematography uses the locals and local imagery to create the look of the film.

During the film, there are many references to future films. Although there may be future Daniel Craig Bond films, it is going to be hard to top “Skyfall.”

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