Sinister Movie Review

‘Sinister’ is a creepy, horror film about a crime novelist obsessed with a missing girl’s case. Blair Stover has the details below.

Ethan Hawke plays Ellison Oswalt, a crime author, who hopes that the story of a missing girl will lead him to an idea for a bestselling novel. Oswalt uproots his wife, Tracy, and son and moves to a new town, the town where the little girl had disappeared.

Upon arrival in the new house, Tracy begins to get negative vibes from their neighbors, asking her husband, “We didn’t move a few doors down from a crime scene again, did we?” Little did she know, they moved into the home where four family members were murdered, and where the fifth – the youngest daughter – was abducted. The town’s sheriff stopped by to tell Oswalt that he wasn’t a fan of his writing and didn’t like that he was second guessing his departments work on the search for the little girl.

Oswalt finds a series of films in his attic, each showing the horrific murders of different families. Staying up all night, Oswalt studies the films hoping to find similarities between the killings whose locations and victims are unknown.

Throughout the film, there is an unseen character that is leaving clues all over the house for Oswalt to find, taunting him. The investigation into these murders and the little girls’ disappearance begin to drive Oswalt crazy. ‘Sinister’ introduces a new monster to the horror films, Mr. Boogie, also called a Buhguul. Mr. Boogie’s presence in the film is evident through the affect he has on the characters. He doesn’t attack their bodies, only their minds.

This film will have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats and will have the theater screaming. ‘Sinister’ is the best horror film of the year.

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