‘SEAL Team Six’ Film Gets Some Facts Right

Ever since the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, authors and film directors have been interested and drawn towards the story. Blair Stover has details on a film below.

In the past year, the assassination of bin Laden has been written about in three books. Director Katherine Bigelow released her film that portrays the raid on bin Laden.

In an interview with Tom Bowman, NPR’s Pentagon correspondent, host Rachel Martin questioned him on the information in the film and whether it’s accurate or not. Bowman discredits an early scene in the film where a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay gives information about bin Laden’s whereabouts. “There were no interrogations at Guantanamo Bay that we know if that played a role in the hunt for bin Landen,” Bowman says. However, there was an al-Qaida operative that provided information that led to bin Laden.

During the raid portion of the film, Bowman says the filmmakers got a lot of their information correct; their method of getting into the compound, the number of helicopters, and the crashing of a helicopter.

The film portrays bin Laden being assassinated the way it was described to the people by the White House, with bin Laden being shot once in the head and once in the chest. Bowman stated, “We now know that he was shot as the SEALs were coming up the stairs, they saw a guy poke his head out and shot him. As they came into the room bin Laden was on the ground in his death throes.” A SEAL then shot bin Laden several times in the chest.

The next airing of the film will be Friday, November 9th at 8PM ET.

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