Riddick Review

The second sequel to the dark, sci-action movie “Pitch Black” has Vin Diesel returning to his old strengths and form. Blair Stover has more on the 2013 hit movie “Riddick” below.

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at L...

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at Leicester Square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Pitch Black,” which was launched around the start of the millennium, was one of the mid-highlights of Diesel’s career and was the setting for a bombastic sequel – this year’s “Riddick.” David Twohy and the lucrative “Fast & Furious” franchise star united once again, this time fighting for his survival against killer creatures on a deserted desert planet.

The story unravels almost as soon as the felon is betrayed and left behind dying on a strange planet. He has awakened a half hour in dense canyons and desert-style panoramas, already fighting against the endemic anti-predator fauna. After the laconic tough guy act, he takes on a man-sized scorpion lizard lurking in pools of water searching for prey.

Before the big action finale, there is another stage: Riddick, (played by Diesel) is a alone at a distress signal station and then a troop of rough bounty hunters land (including Pro-Wrestler Dave Bautista and Jordi Mollà from “Bad Boys 2″) and a second spaceship with mercenaries (including Starbuck from “Galactica” crew Katee Sackhoff).

While Riddick sets up traps, the two teams want to capture him in a manhunt on this “Mad Max-type” terrain using high-tech weaponry before a storm front causes holy hell and puts a total stop to everything. Mainly unorthodox, then routine at some points, the movie is built with numerous computer effects and visualizations, both of which make this movie a decent one to watch.

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