Out of the Furnace Review

Blair StoverOut of the Furnace”, a production directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), is a star-studded drama filled with emotional roller coasters and is considered by many to be a “must-see film.” Christian-Bale.org released a statement earlier this year that the movie would have a limited screening in October and a full release on December 6th. Blair Stover has more on the movie below.

Bale plays Russell Baze, a steel mill laborer that works hard during the day only to come home at night to watch over his dying father. For reasons of fate, Russell is thrown into prison and his brother, played by Casey Affleck, makes some serious mistakes, including involving himself with a ruthless criminal network. It’s a mistake that almost costs them everything.

The brothers had a good relationship, dreaming together of escaping the village they live in to find a better life. Time passes on and Russell gets out of prison. Now he must choose between his freedom and risking everything to seek justice for his brother.

“We often find in current films that super heroic characters are using layers, but the working class is the real hero.” This is how Scott Cooper explained the origin of how the production began. The screenplay was written by the director, Brad Ingelsby (The Dynamiter) and was supported by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way.

The cast also includes Woody Harrelson (plays Curtis DeGroat), Forest Whitaker (plays Wesley Barnes), Sam Shepard (plays Red), Willem Dafoe (plays John Petty) and Zoe Saldana (plays Lena Warren).

If you are looking for an action-packed drama that meets all criteria for a movie, whether you are seeing it with the “guys” or you are out on a date, this is it. The cast turns in Oscar-worthy performances, down to the last second of the film.

If you’ve seen the film already you tell us: what did you think?

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