Must See Films of 2012 That Are Not Well Known

2012 was a great year for the film industry. There were many big box office hits, but there were also amazing movies that did not hit the big screen.

Blair Stover Film Reviews has put together a list of films that were less well known but are definitely worth the effort to track them down.

  1. Wolf- This film is a drama about a couple’s discovery of the abuse and molestation of their son. They struggle to deal with the betrayal and the emotions their son is dealing with. Wolf is a brutally honest film that jumps right into a very complex subject. The film is directed by Ya’ke Smith.
  2. Time Zero: The Last Year Of Polaroid Film- This documentary tells the story of a group of people that are trying to save something they love: instant photography. This film was viewed at the Silverdocs Film Festival and may be close to impossible to finding now, but it would definitely be worth your time.
  3. The Revisionaries- The Texas State Board of Education and the dispute over changes to the science curriculum is the main focus of this film. The film is anchored around a discussion between two men who believe complete opposite things when it comes to the curriculum. Both men are courteous and both are convinced that they are absolutely correct.
  4. Seeking Asian Female- The film tells the story of a man who goes looking for an Asian wife online, finds one, brings her to him, then realizes he didn’t marry the fantasy figure he was thinking of. The line between happy and unhappy is a bit blurred as the man tries to figure out what it is that he wants.
  5. Virgin Tales- This documentary follows an evangelical Christian family, the Wilson’s, and how they are raising their seven children, particularly their five daughters. The Wilson’s believe in the ethic of “purity” which means no sex before marriage, no kissing before marriage, and no dating unless there is intention of marriage.
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