‘Mama’ Film Review

‘Mama’ is a creepy horror film that follows the life of two abandoned daughters and the ‘Mama’ that stuck with them even after they were found. Blair Stover has the spooky details below.

The film begins when a man kills three people in his office, goes home to grab his daughters and then takes off on an icy mountain road. Their car slips off the side of a cliff, completely wrecking the vehicle. The three of them stumble out and find a creepy shed out in the woods.

The father abandons the girls in the woods where they stayed for five years until their uncle Lucas found them. The girls were frightened and feral, screeching on all fours.

It turns out that the two girls were raised in the shed by a ghost they called Mama. Mama would float in and out of walls, always flitting around the edge of the screen. The girls had a diet of cherries and moths during their time in the shed.

Mama was a creepy character who was extremely maternal and protective over the two girls. The more we learn about Mama, the more we find out that she is very malnourished and misunderstood.

While ‘Mama’ is a spooky film, it definitely has its flaws. The scenes leading up to the climax are rushed, the editing is choppy, but the ending of the film has some extreme power.

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