‘Lincoln’ Film Review

Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is a film about one of America’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, and the struggles he faced as president. Daniel Day Lewis is brilliant in his role as Abraham Lincoln.

“Lincoln” shows the dirty work of passing controversial legislation and how Lincoln wasn’t afraid to stand up for a good cause even if it meant making enemies. A rival in the film said about Lincoln, “rarely has more corruption been done in the name of an honorable man.”

The struggle to pass the 13th Amendment through Congress is the focus of this film. It shows Lincoln’s battle with deciding which present issue is more important, abolishing slavery or the Civil War coming to an end. Although it brought on much debate among his supporters, the extent to which Lincoln was willing to go to get the Amendment passed is quite inspiring.

There are a few flaws in the film such as Lincoln’s interaction with a group of soldiers that seems like it was staged for a photo-op, unnatural Cabinet conversations, and the movie is trying too hard to get an emotional reaction from its’ audience.

One thing the film did not get wrong was the performance by Daniel Day Lewis. Blair Stover would not be surprised if he is nominated and wins an Oscar for this performance.

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