Lawless Movie Review

Imagine Franklin County, Virginia, in the early thirties: Prohibition is enforced and “bootlegging” is running rabid. Blair Stover breaks down this box office smash below.

If you can illegally sell liquor, you can make good money. This is where the three legendary Bondurant brothers Howard (played by Jason Clarke), Forrest (played by Tom Hardy) and Jack (played by Shia LaBoeuf) come in. But when the local police led by Special Agent Charlie Rakes (played by Guy Pearce) takes over the reins from Chicago, things are about to change for the brothers.

As Forrest, the leader of the three, has his throat slit in a dastardly attack, he barely survives. Henceforth, he and Howard must increasingly pay attention to Jack, who previously tried to court the beautiful vicar’s daughter, Bertha (played by Mia Wasikoska). But now Jack has a lucrative, but also dangerous, deal with the top gangster, Floyd Banner (played by Gary Oldman). In this explosive atmosphere, blood flows and it flows plentifully…

Shia LaBoeuf is quite pale in his role, while Gary Oldman is as sovereign as they come. Even though his cameo as a feared gangster doesn’t give him much screen time, he still plays a relevant role for the film plot. The latter is true, unfortunately, because the film could’ve used a lot more of Oldman. Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikoska could be cut out safely without the movie suffering that much. That leaves Tom Hardy. He is the real highlight of the film and he definitely deserves an Oscar nod for his performance in the movie.

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