‘Gangster Squad’ Film Review

‘Gangster Squad’ is a film that takes place in the 1940’s in postwar Hollywood. The movie is inspired by a video game, which was inspired by a book that is based on real events. Blair Stover has the film details below.

The film is a story about a vigilante ‘squad’ that is tasked by a cop, John O’Mara, to take down LA gangster Mickey Cohen and his men by busting his dope smuggling operation by any means possible. Instead of tailing the men taking off with the drugs, John’s squad engages them in a high speed car chase that is full of gunfire and explosions.

When the squad finally catches the men, O’Mara interrogates the criminals then shoots them in the back of the legs, before rolling them down a hill. The movie jumps back and forth from a comic book roller coaster to a gritty crime fiction which gives the film an uneven feel.

Due to the cast of the film, ‘Gangster Squad’ was never going to be a complete bust. While the movie gives it a good shot, it can never truly capture the spirit and intensity that the novel portrays.

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