Finding Nemo Sequel in the Future for Pixar?

Yes, it’s true. The cute Pixar classic “Finding Nemo” from 2003 will get a sequel. Now that the charming wit of the original is retained, it should now ensure that directors Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich are together for one more time. Blair Stover has the details about Nemo’s new adventure below.

After Andrew Stanton directed the box-office flop “John Carter”, he now returns to his roots and directs Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo 2″, the sequel to Pixar’s mega- blockbuster film. “Toy Story 3” could generate over a billion worldwide while only spending about $200 million in production. With that being said, Pixar is looking for “Finding Nemo 2” to do the same even though the original “Nemo” pulled in $868 million, but only cost $94 million.

With such successful numbers it is no surprise that Pixar is now saddled to the “sequel horse”. According to sources, Stanton finalized a deal with Pixar that makes him the director of “Finding Nemo 2″ and will guarantee him a chance at another live-action movie- perhaps “John Carter 2″. Further information about the sequel, meanwhile, has not reached the public and also production and release efforts might be a long way off, but the animation studio has released a well-filled schedule.

If you want to experience the adventure of Nemo’s father looking for his son, in 3D, you might have to wait a while. In fact, 2016 is the expected release year. For Pixar fans there is a good reason to head to the movies as well, because the newest animated adventure “Merida- Legend of the Highlands” hits theaters.

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