DreamWorks to Release 12 New Films in Next Four Years

DreamWorks Animation is working with Paramount Pictures for the last time in making the “Rise of the Guardians”. After that change, they will make the switch to Twentieth Century Fox and will plan a whole bunch of new animated films. Blair Stover has the details below.

DreamWorks has planned all sorts of films for the coming years. By 2016, a total of twelve new films will appear on the big screen and among them there are also three sequels and a spin-off. This means that around three to four films a year that should hit theaters. DreamWorks knows of the hard work that is ahead of them in the coming years and they have no problems publishing U.S. dates of the projects. They are that confident the films will be ready.

Below we have a list as an overall view.

– The Croods- March 22, 2013

– Turbo- July 19, 2013

– Mr. Peabody & Sherman- November 1, 2013

– Me and My Shadow- March 14, 2014

– How to Train Your Dragon 2- June 20, 2014. (This is the sequel “How to Train Your Dragon”).

– Happy Smekday!- November 26, 2014

– The Penguins of Madagascar- March 27, 2015. (As the name suggests, this is the spin-off “Madagascar”).

– Trolls (working title)- June 5, 2015

– BOO: Otherworldy Bureau of Operations- November 6, 2015

– Mumbai Musical- (working title) December 19, 2015

– Kung Fu Panda 3- March 16, 2016

– How to Train Your Dragon 3- June 18, 2016. (The film is scheduled to complete the trilogy to “How to Train Your Dragon”).

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