‘Django Unchained’ Film Review

‘Django Unchained’ is an extremely violent, provocative, and entertaining film that is nothing less than amazing. Blair Stover has the film details below.

The film is set two years before the Civil War and is meant to show the ugliness of racism and the pure horror of slavery. The film follows Django, an unshackled slave, and a bounty hunter named King Schultz. The two have run-ins with all sorts of Southern characters while catching “most wanted” bad guys and searching for Broomhilda, Django’s wife.

Tarantino yet again shows that he is a true artist with a passion for gory movies and filmmaking. ‘Django Unchained’ is the perfect portrayal of this with its blood-spurting shootouts, cheeky dialogue, and amazing soundtrack.

‘Django Unchained’ proves to be one of Tarantino’s best films with its unique characters, beautiful plantation set pieces, and well-staged action scenes.

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