Death Toll Continues to Rise Over Anti-Muslim Film

Violence continues over the Anti-Muslim film that was shot and produced in America. Blair Stover has the tragic details.

Thousands of people walked the streets in Pakistan and participated in the Karachi rally, protesting the offensive film. Sections of the city were shut down and security was increased to help contain the crowd. People demanded that the filmmakers be punished as they protested by burning U.S. flags. Violent protests throughout Pakistan have turned to tragedy, adding to the total death count over the film.

Many Muslims are extremely offended by this film. In “Innocence of Muslims” Muhammad, Islam’s Prophet, is portrayed as a child molester, a womanizer, and an overall fraud. Many died standing up for their beliefs, 23 in Pakistan alone.

Many countries have blocked the film online but Youtube has refused to completely remove the video despite the damage it has caused. Obama and the White House have defended America’s freedom of expression laws but have denounced the content of the film.

The recent protests suggest that the anger over the film is far from over.

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