Cosmopolis Movie Review

David Cronenberg, known for “Naked Lunch,” “eXistenZ” and “A History of Violence”, sends in his latest film “Cosmopolis” starring Robert Pattinson, on a self-destruct trip through New York. Blair Stover has all the details below.

Cooped up in his limousine, a rolling high-tech young billionaire businessman Eric Packer (Pattinson) goes through life at a walking pace through the Big Apple. The aim of the trip is that Packer is going to get a haircut at his hairdresser at the other end of the city. But on the way, he experiences unexpected obstacles: The American president is in town, anti-capitalist riots take to the streets and throw in a soon-to-be dead rapper. Packer is observed outwardly unmoved as the city is increasingly thrown into chaos around him. On his way, companions come to see him: his physician and his wife (who he cheats on constantly with other women). Between sex and prostate tests, Packer performs risky stock transactions, bets against the Yuan currency and threatens to squander his assets away during a chaotic day.

Packer brings a character with everything to be hated. Self-obsessed and indifference to his fellow man, he has already amassed 28 years with fantastic assets. But with the fall of its facilities begins his personal issues, disappointingly leaving the audience behind instead of taking us along on the journey as Packer faces these challenges with indifference.

All in all, the film is not likely to have mass-market appeal. The story is too fragmentary and disjointed to be considered a great critique of capitalism. A character study of the careers and money-grubbing of Wall Street bankers in times of economic crisis is a good plot but Pattinson’s role does not play to the theme well.

It says it all that the most interesting dialogue of the film takes place between two chauffeurs. Definitely not for everyone, if you’re looking for fun, fast, and witty, this isn’t the movie for you.

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