Compliance Movie Review

Blair Stover breaks down the thriller called “Compliance” below.

Picture one of the millions of fast-food restaurants in the U.S. It is a Friday afternoon and the big run is imminent. The business manager Sandra (played by Ann Dowd) is stressed out: Someone from the staff who worked the day before left the refrigerator door open. Customers cannot eat their burgers without pickles and bacon- a no-go, and the supplier cannot help out on such short notice.

Recently, in the team is Becky (played by Dreama Walker), is a pretty girl who raves in youthful naivety of her new friends. Sandra’s dislike of her is obvious, although both refrain from commenting on it directly.

Even if we think it could never happen, it does: a police officer called up Sandra and tells her that Becky is wanted by the police for theft and the police tell her to search Becky’s belongings and person. There is no police officer present, just over the phone. When the search turns up nothing, the police officer tells Sandra to be more invasive and this is only the beginning.

Director-screenwriter Craig Zobel states that this experiment wasn’t exactly an experiment but was based on cases of something like this really occurring in the United States often. Zobel created his own story of the exercise with some twists all with the cunning power of manipulation. Slowly but steadily, he turns on the suspense-screw, and can show the audience an impotence that is double-edged: so it hangs on every single spoken word.

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