CNN to Start Making Films

Cable News Network and CNN Worldwide Managing Editor, Mark Whitaker, have recently announced that they will be starting a new division focused on documentaries called CNN Films. This division was developed to create feature-length documentaries that will air on CNN and CNN International.

CNN is making this major move as part of their strategy to produce non-fiction content to complement their award-winning news programs. These documentaries are going to examine a variety of controversial political, social, and economic subjects. CNN programs will promote the documentaries prior to their premier by shedding light on the topics and issues that are the focus of the films.

Whitaker released this statement in regards to CNN Films, “CNN Films will bring distinguished, thought-provoking documentary programming to our global audiences on all our television, online, and mobile platforms. We want these documentaries to tell compelling stories and stimulate important discussions across CNN’s other programs and websites.”

The first documentary will be released in 2013 and is called Girl Rising. The documentary tells the stories of several girls all over the globe that are fighting to overcome incredible odds to realize their dream. Girl Rising has inspired a global campaign to promote girls’ education called 10×10.

Blair Stover says that CNN also plans to show these documentaries at film festivals and in theaters.

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