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‘A Haunted House’ Film Review

The film ‘A Haunted House’ is an attempt to parody the genre of horror movies that use hand-held cameras and follow paranormal activity. The film stars Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins who play a couple, Malcolm and Kisha that have decided to move in together. Malcolm is a happy-go-lucky homeowner who is very excited to […]

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‘Playing for Keeps’ Film Review

‘Playing for Keeps’ is a light-hearted, romantic comedy that will make any woman fall in love with Gerard Butler. Butler’s character, George, was a Scottish soccer super-star in the 1990’s. He was living the dream with fame, fortune, and a loving wife and son. Fast forward to 2012 and all of these things are gone. […]

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‘Seven Psychopaths’ Film Review

The film ‘Seven Psychopaths’ is about a man writing a script called ‘Seven Psychopaths’. The film is a follow up to McDonagh’s ‘In Bruges’ and has you thinking the whole time. Colin Farrell plays the lead, Martin, who is an alcoholic screenwriter suffering from writer’s block. The only thing he has on paper for his […]

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