Advice for Beginning Filmmakers

Starting out in the filmmaking industry can be a daunting task. Blair Stover has put together tips for beginning filmmakers.

Learn as Much as You Can About the Industry

It’s important to learn as much as you can about the industry when you’re first starting out. There is so much to know about the different parts of filmmaking, especially if you want to make it as a director or producer. Filmmaking and its technology is always advancing and changing so keeping up with the times is critical.

Find Your Niche

To make it easier for you to find work on film sets, find a specific area to focus your career on. Highly skilled specialists are always needed on film sets; no one is looking to hire someone who is just ‘ok’ at a lot of things. Try as many different parts of filmmaking as you can until you find what area you’d like to pursue.

Talk the Talk

Lingo on a film set can sound like a foreign language if you don’t know it is that you’re hearing. If you don’t want to get lost while working on a film set, be sure to learn the language.

Search for Opportunities

Work and experience on a film set is the best way to improve your filmmaking skills. There are many groups and forums that can help you find somewhere to start if you don’t know any filmmakers to get you on a set. The more experience, the better.

Create Your Own Opportunities

If you don’t know someone or can’t find a way to get on a film set, create your own films. Use friends, family, or members of the community to make short films and post them to YouTube. Always try to learn something new. The better your skills, the more opportunities that will be available to you.

Have Thick Skin

You must have thick skin if you’re going to make movies and have people criticize them. Don’t take it personally if people are brutally honest, use their constructive criticism to improve your skills.

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