‘A Haunted House’ Film Review

The film ‘A Haunted House’ is an attempt to parody the genre of horror movies that use hand-held cameras and follow paranormal activity.

The film stars Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins who play a couple, Malcolm and Kisha that have decided to move in together. Malcolm is a happy-go-lucky homeowner who is very excited to open his home to his girlfriend. The two begin experiencing problems before Kisha even gets out of her car when she accidently runs over Malcolm’s dog.

It turns out that Kisha brought more than just her belongings to Malcolm’s house, she also brought along demons, ghosts, evil spirits, and herpes. Cedric the Entertainer shows up in the film as a priest who has come to the couple to perform an exorcism.

The film has an overabundance of immature jokes and offensive gags that were probably a lot funnier on paper and during the filming process than they were on screen. Blair Stover recommends saving your money and waiting for this film to come out on video.

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