8 Low-Budget Filmmaking Tips

If you’re looking to break into the filmmaking business but do not have the budget, follow these tips that Blair Stover has put together.

  1.  Get feedback- When beginning to write, it’s important to get feedback. Send your draft to multiple; friends family, and try to find a professional writer.
  2. Simple is key- For your first film, keep everything simple. Try to keep it in one location and have just a few actors. To keep with your budget, don’t use any special effects or crazy stunts.
  3. Create a plan- Make a list of everything you need to keep under your budget. Use friends as actors or find people on film forums to help. Keep the location simple; use your own home or neighborhood. Create a schedule to keep things organized.
  4. Equipment- Be creative when looking for equipment. Borrow or beg if you have to. Use a home camera, household lamps and other items around the house to help.
  5. Good sound is a MUST- Bad sound can ruin a good film. Hire a decent boom mic.
  6. Keep your crew happy- Provide your cast and crew with food and beverages. A happy cast and crew will make your job much easier.
  7. Post production- You don’t need fancy editing equipment to create your film. Use iMovie or Movie Maker on your own computer. Once a rough cut is created, invite friends and family to view it.
  8. Viewing your film- Try to find other filmmakers who are trying to get their film viewed. Chip in and hire a cinema to show all your films. Everyone will invite friends and family so you will have an instant audience.
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